What services fall under each category?

Application Services

These services are focused on the development, deployment, and maintenance of software applications that support various business processes. Examples include: Custom application development, Application integration and middleware, Application migration and upgrades, Application performance monitoring

Artificial Intelligence

Services in this category focus on leveraging AI and machine learning technologies to enhance applications and processes. Examples include: AI model development and training, Natural language processing (NLP) solutions, Computer vision applications, Predictive analytics using machine learning

Cloud Services

Cloud services provide businesses with flexible and scalable computing resources, storage, and applications delivered over the internet. Services in this category cover cloud strategy development, migration, and ongoing management to optimize cloud benefits.

Consulting & Strategy Services

These services focus on providing expert guidance and strategic planning to align IT with business goals. Examples include: IT consulting and advisory services, Digital transformation strategy, IT roadmapping and planning, Technology vendor selection and evaluation

Data and Analytics Services

This category involves services that help organizations derive insights from data for informed decision-making. It includes: Data analytics and reporting, Business intelligence solutions, Data warehousing and data lakes, Predictive and prescriptive analytics

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation encompasses a broad spectrum of services aimed at accelerating the adoption of new tools and technologies to achieve organisational growth. Services include: Digital strategy development, Process optimization and automation, User experience (UX) design, Change management

Infrastructure Services

This category encompasses services related to the foundational technology components that support an organization's IT environment. It includes services like: Network management and maintenance, Server provisioning and management, Cloud computing and storage solutions, Data center management

Managed Services

Managed services involve outsourcing the management of certain IT functions to third-party providers. This can include: Managed IT support and helpdesk, Managed backup and disaster recovery, Managed network services, Managed cloud services

Microsoft Services

Microsoft partners provide an array of services across Microsoft's core offerings. They offer consultation and implementation services for Azure, helping businesses harness cloud computing for scalability and efficiency. Partners also optimize productivity with Office 365, tailoring solutions to meet unique needs. Collaboration through Teams is enhanced through partner expertise in integration and customization. Business analytics solutions, such as Power BI, are fine-tuned to extract actionable insights. Additionally, partners assist in software development using Visual Studio, enabling customized applications and solutions. Together, Microsoft partners empower organizations to leverage Microsoft's core offerings to drive innovation, growth, and success.

Security and Compliance Services

This category involves services that ensure the protection of sensitive data, systems, and networks. It includes: Cybersecurity services (firewalls, intrusion detection, etc.), Data encryption and protection, Compliance audits and assessments (HIPAA, GDPR, etc.), Security training and awareness programs

Software Development

This category involves creating tailored software solutions to address specific business needs. Services under this category include: Full-stack software development, Web application development, Mobile app development (iOS, Android), Desktop application development

Software Licencing

Services in this category can include Software Asset Management, volume licensing, cloud subscription management, license auditing, procurement, renewals, and custom solutions. These services help clients optimize their software usage, ensure compliance, and manage costs efficiently. IT partners also provide security and compliance consulting, license migrations, end-user management, and detailed documentation to assist organizations in navigating the complexities of software licensing. These services aim to streamline operations, reduce expenses, and ensure clients have the right licenses for their software needs.

Telephony and VoiP

Telephony services involve traditional voice communication over a public switched telephone network (PSTN), while VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services utilize the internet to transmit voice data. Service providers in this category provide comprehensive telephony and VoIP solutions, including setup, maintenance, and integration with existing infrastructure. This encompasses VoIP phone systems, SIP trunking, cloud-based PBX, and unified communications, enhancing connectivity, cost-efficiency, and scalability for businesses while ensuring reliable voice communication.

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